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The LifeLine of Dandy & Rosie - 2013

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What's This?

“SaveEveryStep is a scrapbook for the modern age, a way of transforming that jumble of photos, clips, documents and thoughts into a continuous life story told on a rich visual display.

By arranging your various memories and mementoes across a chronological Lifeline, your friends and family can enjoy a life story the way it unfolds, one step after another. It can be a series of snap-shots or a detailed saga - how much detail is up to you. Older generations' stories can be relived; your own stories laid down for posterity and new stories established, ready to hand on to the next generation as they grow up.

Not only a great way to record events for the future, a Lifeline helps far-flung loved ones stay up to date with all the developments in a growing family.

Safe, secret and secure

From a secure password protected online Vault, to fully open public sharing, you can choose from 3 different levels of privacy access to every individual media item or complete Event you store.”

Your Vault is the ideal place to keep irreplaceable memories safe forever, free from the risk of originals being lost or damaged.

You can take parental control over young children's stored information, and decide when they're ready to have more independence.”


SaveEveryStep brings memories to life and keeps them safe forever.

Not only is it a secure, private online store for all your treasured photos, films, thoughts and digital documents, it will set all these elements out on an interactive timeline, mapping life's journey step after step after step.

How does it work?

The site is split into two basic elements - the Lifeline and the Vault.

Your Lifeline is made up from Events which you can create and illustrate, and this is what a Visitor to the site will see.

Your Vault is entirely private. It is a storage area for your media files and also enables you to manage your account details.

There are no limits to the number of Lifelines you can create, so every family member can have their own Lifeline and private Vault if you choose.

For a detailed User Guide, check out the 'How it Works' section of the site by clicking here.

It's Free to try before you buy!

Starting to build your own Lifeline is currently FREE and we will give you your first 25 images, then if you want to continue adding media and events, choose from one of our annual subscriptions which start from as little as £2 per month* for up to 2000 images*

*£24 paid annually

Tell the stories behind the pictures

Your life is so much more than just names, dates, places and pictures; it's all the hopes, thoughts, dreams and emotions behind them.

Enrich your lifeline by creating stories, notes and leaving messages for loved ones, to add an extra dimension to the tale of who you are. Keep them private or share them and add media, to ensure your memoirs are passed down to future generations.

Lifelines for the whole family

Life's all about family, so SaveEveryStep lets you create Lifelines for everyone in yours.

Whether bringing to life previous generations' stories or saving the first steps and feelings of a new addition to the family, it's a great way of weaving together your family history as it grows - even pets! The beauty is that the process need never end. The school plays, football matches and first bike rides you record for your children will be the foundations upon which they can build their own life story when they're grown up.

Every family member (even your pet hamster) can have their own Lifeline, and there is no limit to the number of family members you can add.


You can choose to share Events with friends, colleagues & family, depending on your selected level of privacy for each item. Either connect via the SaveEveryStep site, or post Events you've created on Facebook, Twitter or email to spread the word.

Registered visitors to your Lifelines can comment directly on to the Event pages, and even add their own media to your Events!

Imagine creating a record of your graduation or wedding day, uploading the photos and videos and writing your thoughts on the day's events. The attendees can then visit the site (once registered) where they can view and add to the event themselves. They can even take a copy for their own Lifeline if they wish to.

Pets are family too!

There's a place for them in our homes and our hearts, so pets get their own Lifelines too!

Whether full pedigree champions or '57 varieties', you can record everything from the kids' delight at their arrival to their vaccination records.


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